Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Halal Friendly Travel

Before going on a holiday, most Muslims have the task of planning and researching extensively to make sure everything they do falls in accordance to Islamic beliefs. From accommodation to restaurants, there are many things to consider - which is why we at cSriLanka introduce Halal-Friendly Travel for Muslim travellers who wish to explore the magical island of Sri Lanka and abide by their traditions on holiday.

As the first travel operator to introduce Halal-Friendly Travel to Sri Lanka, we understand your limitations in choosing travel destinations, hotels and places to eat when holidaying in Sri Lanka - especially when selecting an accommodation that caters to Halal food. Our tailor-made Halal-Friendly tours see to it that all your travel needs are met, along with the help of our dedicated and attentive team, ensuring comfort and relaxation on your vacation in Sri Lanka. Our services offer a range of halal-friendly activities, including halal-certified food and beverages, prayer direction and careful arrangements for prayer times. If you are a Muslim and feel that your holiday options are only limited to Islamic countries, we at cSriLanka will create the perfect Halal-Friendly Travel in Sri Lanka, so that you can enjoy your holiday with your loved ones.

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