Tuesday, December 18, 2012

How to trick Siri into using Google Maps

Tired of Apple Maps sending you on wild goose chases? Tell Siri you'd rather get directions from Google Maps no jailbreaking required.

Much has been made of the general suckyness of Apple Maps, but, hey, we're stuck with it, right? If you ask Siri for directions, that's gonna be her go-to app. Turns out it doesn't have to be. As discovered by JailbreakNation, there's a simple way to trick Siri into using Google Maps for directions. All you do ask for directions like you normally would, but tack on "via transit." So, for example, to find the nearest Starbucks, you'd say, "Take me to the nearest Starbucks via transit." What happens next is that

Siri pulls up a list of any installed "routing apps" including Google Maps, which, as you probably know, recently returned to the iPhone. (You'll also see a list of options available from the App Store.) From there you tap Route, and presto: you've got directions via Google Maps.
There's still that intermediate step of the Routing Apps list and having to tap Route. So it's not a fully voice-powered way to access Google Maps. On the other hand, there's no jailbreak required (as with replacing Siri with Google's Voice Search), and you get the satisfaction of bypassing Apple's limitations on what Siri can and cannot do.


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