Saturday, August 29, 2015

Food for thought

With thousands and thousands of books, articles and assignments we push children to study, study and study. Face the exams, get the highest marks, beat your friend and then you will be able to get your dream job which will help you to live a luxurious life. This is very common in Sri Lanka. Everyday tuition classes, piles and piles of paper work, everyday exams and assignments, heavy competition and we all run to achieve. As a student, I have done this and my parents used to push me for it.

When I sit back and think, how I saw education 10 years ago and how I see it now is completely different. 10 years ago, its all about exams and certificates, but now, it has changed. It is a continuous process and we learn things until we die. Many agrees on this, but it happens after 10 years post school education. My question is, why we cannot change this 10 years ago and think that what you learn is not for the exam but for the rest of your life. Simple answer anyone can give is, we cannot change the system. What I think is, this is not about the system. Its about individual thinking and if you can bring up your child in a way where the excitement for knowledge is, I think this system can be broken. Simple example comes to my mind is, when your best friend says, "hey you know something?", the excitement you get should be the thirst for knowledge. So how we can make a child to get there.
Kids are very enthusiastic when they are younger, eventually this excitement fades away. This is mainly due to pushing them to face exams and they start to think education is a game. When anyone think of a game, they get the fear of losing. Even among adults, this is very common, if someone asks a person to set up a business, the first thing comes to their mind is, will I success. What I believe is, when we look at something as a game with fear of losing, psychologically we fail at the very beginning. So the first initiation is to get rid of this initial barrier "Fear of Losing". Attitude should be, rank number 100 is also better than waiting without doing anything. This will open up many ways to explore and experience. Your thirst for knowledge is to get to know things, connect things, analyse things and come up with your own conclusion. Your ideas and opinions might not be right, but having your own view on something is different than following someone else. To have an own opinion on something takes time, you cannot develop it overnight. You need to read, gather knowledge and then you get the ability to stand up for it. To get there, again you have to get rid of "Fear of Losing / Rejection". So I believe, this mantra is the little secret of success. It might not work for some people, but this is how I see it. 

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