Monday, October 19, 2015


Alex was going through a set of old letters, exchanged long ago.. teardrops were sliding from the eyes, rolling down the cheeks.. Those conversations were warm, loving and close to heart, Alex was touched by these inspiring words and deeds. But suddenly everything has changed. Alex couldn't figure out what really went wrong..

Alex feared change and now Alex has to face it again. Alex feared that it would cause to fall off the saddle again. This vulnerability made Alex the perfect victim to suffer and feel lonely.

With trembling fingers, Alex opened one of the torn envelopes..

"I didn't see the fun crazy person.. All I saw was one lonely soul seeking attention and crying to be understood"... Alex kept on reading.. it went on and on.. It was true, only one person was able to say it right on to the face, see through and understand.

The only soul who understood Alex is not around anymore. Does't talk, write or care the way it used to be. Alex wiped off the tears. Alex picked another envelop..

.."You have a mind block, you must get rid of have a fear of getting hurt and hurting others......but by not being open, you end up hurting anyway"..

Alex took a deep breath, "I should face it, I'm getting rid of the fear of getting hurt, I'm going to accept things as it is, and only option is to let it go. May be one day my honesty and good intentions will be understood and the sunshine will return home..

When the priorities change, people change and every good thing has to come to an end. It was just another chapter.. A life changing chapter may be.. but even that has come to an END..


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