Friday, December 30, 2016

Zashgal's 2016

2016 is of course a great year. Ticked off so many things which was due in my bucket list.. Just to mention few, skydived, gallivanted across Europe, visited few wonders of the world, lived alone far away from family, And it is great with almighty's help I can now happily tick off one more task which was inspired by a movie, Ek Villan, (If you haven't watched, please watch). The task is "Change someone's life into something great"

I was doing it for the past 3 years and while doing it, had to face so many challenges, tears and heartbreaks but I never gave up because I had only one good objective. Now I was able to do something extremely big just to make it extremely grand and tick off my task from my to do list.

I learnt the biggest lesson and I think almighty God wanted me to learn this greatest lesson because I was a lazy bum giving up on things very fast.. heehee. :D ,
So the lesson is you should not give up trying when you fail and keep on believing in yourself. Inspiration is the unlimited love I have towards this person and it gave me so much strength to believe in myself and also to believe that I can do anything for this person just to make this person's life beautiful.

I wish if I can write about this more, but I prefer to keep quiet because, doing good is a business with almighty God and myself.

But the happiness and the satisfaction of achieving something great and changing someone's life completely is a great feeling and I am sure God will bless me and pour his love, affection and guidance. Also I believe God wanted me to approach this person because he truly wanted to bless and make all the dreams come true. So I was his agent and nothing more than that.

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