Sunday, December 5, 2010

1st day to School, 2 nd experience!

I just can remember the day I joined to follow my degree. It was scary. I was wondering how to make friends. I was shivering because of the entirely new background. All new faces around me, some people smiled and some people did not care. There was the lift, but I din use, and I met a person and I asked I'm a new comer, where to go? He pointed up and said "5th floor" I said "Thanks" Two lecturers were staring, I just passed them. Thank to the floor numbers I found the 5th floor. and there were 3 ladies including my counselor. She smiled and offered me a big file and said "Go to that class" again I said "Thanks".
When I was entering the class room, there wasn't a single noise. All were bending their heads to those big files each one got. I didn't make a single noise too. All most half of the class was full. So I went near to a girl and sat. She just smiled at me and I did  the same. I called my mom and asked to come up because I left my lunch with her. I was scared to stand up and go back down. No one was there to chat as I did in the school. So I did the same what were others doing. Suddenly my phone was ringing loudly. I was shocked, because that was the only noise in the room then and I felt guilty. I checked who is it, and it's mom just behind the door. ehh!! Slowly I stood up and went to her. She asked me why all were silence, I said "I don't know, they all are reading this file so I'm doing the same". Mom gave me the lunch and she told that she's leaving and asked me to come home once the lectures got over. I was dreaded just like a small child first day to school but how could I express I just said "OK" and came back to my place. Those are the moments we feel that being a child is better at-least we can cry and ask our loves once to be with us. But how could I cry. I have entered to carry on my higher education to a high-flying university. Tears don't even exists in these types of places.
Finally I was okay but shivering but that is not because of the fear but because of the minus temperature. I just took a breath and said HI to the girl next to me. I can see now others talking to each other. She was friendly and we just talked. Actually it was just a mini "how do u do" type conversation. I can feel more people are coming into the class, once in a while I turned and checked who was it. But there wasn't a single known face.
A guy came to our row and said Hi, and sat next to us. And the class mentors and the administrators came and they started the introductory speech. I got to know it was our orientation and we got it for two whole weeks. They also mentioned we got many group activities and fun times. I liked that part. and the day began...


  1. hehe... for me... it was how to communicate with them... never thought about how i was going to make friends O:)
    They were hitting me with their kadu :( fortunately, not outside the class :D

  2. heheee.. same feelings!


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