Thursday, November 24, 2011

One of my dreams - Graduation

Well, graduating is one of the best feelings of the world if we really worked hard for it. I must share my feelings and how I achieved it. Three years back I did my Advanced Level examination in Sinhala medium in a government school. My stream was commerce. With the friends and fun times, I really could not focus to get into the local universities. But I had a dream, a true dream and I believed it. Suddenly one of my friends recommended me a well known private university in Sri Lanka and I talked to my parents regarding this. This happened while I was writing my A/L exams. My parents did not like it first since the high payments and other expenses. But I convinced them and got admissions. My parents sacrifised many things to educate me and I really respect them and today I praise them from the bottom of my heart. Without them I would not be able to experience this happiness and success.

Three years I studied full time, worked very hard day and night to get a first class. I knew the value of money we spent and if I did not take the maximum benefit from the degree I earn, it would be a waste of time and also money. anyways I personally recommend my university to everyone because there are many types of people who just join to waste the money, to have fun etc. But the institute obviously gave me a good training to be who am I today. I gained massive knowledge, technological usage and this background would deffinetly help me to grow more and more.

I am happy today because I have the results of my dedication.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

I see my moment

I can hear the soft breeze whispering,
Those angels are getting ready in heavens for something,
I see the flowers are dazzling with a magnificence glory
To bless the enormous miracle ever in reality
I see the clouds are glowing to embellish the moment of bliss

With the twinkling stars glittering like diamonds
Delighted smiles are booming in hearts
Gracious thoughts are passing wide
This is a moment which cannot forgettable
I am blessed to feel every single moment!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

RIO Vs Rango

I just wanted to write a tiny review of RIO and Rango. I don't know what others do or say, but this is what I think. Basically many friends of mine recomended to watch these two movies. So I downloaded then and watched both. First let me explain about RIO. First screen was very exciting and I loved the first song of the movie very much since the dance is so real and I think, I love Samba. The story line was pretty much common and its almost the expecting end as well as filled with expected next moments. I have a feeling that the cartoon musicians have a good music essence to match and mix the moment perfectly. I say this because all the animated movies I watched got beautiful songs. When it comes to animations of the movie RIO, it's genius and I noticed even the micro movements of a bird has been well animated.

Friday, June 17, 2011

End of the Life at 17

I should say, Greediness is a real disaster. I write this post based on a very true story happened recently in my neighborhood. A family with 4 kids mom and dad were somewhat struggling financially rented a house near to my place and the eldest daughter was just 15. They were staying there for two years and shifted to another house in the same town. Few weeks after a relative of them who we know very well told us that the girl who is just 17 years was proposed and that person was invited to the engagement too.

If I say about this girl who is just 17 years was a real beauty queen naturally, she really looks like a beautiful princess in real life, and I don't think the word beautiful is enough to say her beauty. I was surprised when I saw her for the first time.

Anyways that person who is related to that family further told, the proposed guy is in France and he cannot come to Sri Lanka because he has to stay in France for a particular years to get the citizenship. Also he can fly to other countries except Sri Lanka. So this family especially the mom of that girl was agreed to take the wedding in India. Imagine, what a mad decision it was to take the wedding in India when the financial situation of the family is very bad.

So the mother of that girl has borrowed money from others and she was getting ready to go to India with her family and invited only few very close relatives to the wedding which gonna take place in India. The bride (17 years) has never seen the bride groom but she used to talked with him via the phone which he sent to her. It was a used smart phone and that girl was almost treating to it like the one and only product in the world. Mother was a usual boaster and told many stories to people that after the marriage all of them gonna live in France.
Finally all the family members went to India for the wedding and came back to Sri Lanka after one month. Even I got a chance to see the wedding album. I was very disappointed with the groom since he exactly look like "වෙන්ඩ ජෝන් එබ්‍රහම්". Actually this man is very skinny, tall and the face is almost like a drug addict. You can imagine the type right. This man is not the match for this 17 years beautiful girl. He promised to take the bride to France after marriage but he did not take her and sent the family back to Sri Lanka promising again he will be sending the VISA within a month.

One month later a letter came to the bride which is a divorce notice from the person who she got married. The mother of this girl took the girl and went to the mother in laws place in Colombo, which was a very shanties area. Mother and the daughter came back to home with a earful of filthy words. The mother and the daughter went to courts to find the justice. The judge was trying the best to make the things right. But again the mother of this girl wanted a huge damage for the incident also again she went alone and blasted the guy's family too. Judge has decided though the divorce is not granted the guy is in France and he will never come back. So no point of waiting for him and also since the girl is not pregnant finally the divorce was granted. Also they got to know the man is 35 years old too which was told as 25. :S

The girl is still 17 and she does not know what to do next. As I told earlier she is really beautiful and she deserves a great life with a great man. But now married and divorced and lived only one month together even that is not in Sri Lanka. Waste of money, waste of time, and the life is hopeless, dreamless. She can move on, but why this happened, why the people only care about money and the reputation. I wish no one should not fall into a trap like this in a very young age. Also must say this mother of the bride is very much responsible for this hopeless life of her daughter.

Friday, May 6, 2011

This Blog Post is for everyone who is heartbroken.

I write this post because these days I see loads of breakups and bad relationships. I really feel sorry for them but all of them have to realize what is life and what is really going on. Well, two people can start up a relationship based on many factors, most of the time people rate it on the beauty/handsomeness, the quality/habits, likes/dislikes etc. etc. but when you are in a relationship you get to know the person deeply and you may say many differences likes, dislikes of him/her. and that small difference leads the entire relationship to a different angle. When a person in a true relationship he/she must feel that "I'm happy for no reason, I know he/she thinking of me all the time, He/she gives me priority and care, you feel secure and he/she only can understand me. In any relationship these basic steps are there but when the time moves and with the impact of the social environment the situation changes and when you realize "he/she is not the same person you met, and then he/she not treating the same way he/she did, also he/she does not care me at all or giving me priority" then begins the problem and the tears.

True love and happily ever after only comes with few people and it is a blessing of god. You may have seen it in your parents and friends and even sometimes you are a person who is witnessing it. People can say everyone has a partner assigned by god in heaven, but the pure love and the way you want to be treated would exactly happen only for few people and it is a miracle I would say. So I'm not saying you should not be in a relationship unless all these things happen but when you are not feeling good or comfortable with someone why bother staying with him/her with all the rules and regulations etc. etc.

When the feelings arise the average age would be 16-19 and in this scenario the situation would be extremely difficult because this is just based on your feelings. So if you want the pain just go for a relationship in 16-19 and that's why our parents always reject our relationships in this age and that's for our own good. But still there are exceptional cases. When you are 20+ you may find someone interesting and for the first few months you would feel like everything is beautiful. But when the problems begins realize only one thing that you don't deserve to cry. He/she just an outsider coming into the life for just few months and changing the total life into a hell is not be allowed because you have everyone around and who the hell is he/she to make your world so ugly and unhappy. Just realize few things, you can't make someone to treat you as you want or to make to deeply love you and also realize there are people around who really loves you and they need you and your love. Just expressing your love to them would be make them happy and make your heart happy too. Why bother about a person who is not caring at all.

Finally, I would like to say a relationship is not always right, because that is the nature of the world, people can love you like a miracle because of some other advantages, because of money, the family privileges, specially sexual needs, etc. etc. these are known facts but still people are falling for these people and finally ruining their lives. I say you must realize it and give your life to the best one who is not using you for some other reasons. Ultimate truth is you should feel the same happiness, same freedom, as you did even when you are in a relationship and continue. This can be called as the so called miracle. :) :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hi all..

Hi all, How is life,
Just wondering alone,
from where to begin,
Its been a while,
I haven't written anything,
Just thinking how and
From where to start,
Got loads of stories,
Wonderful memories,
Giggling to put them
into my words,
Since I enjoyed them
and loved every moment,
I wanna share 'em all
with the sweet world,
So I do think,
You all can get,
What I say like this,
Little by little..

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

~Fill my soul my love~

I am thirsty like a girl near to die
fill my soul with your heartfelt love
kiss all sorrows and make me warm
I want to be cuddled in your arms.

I need you badly more right now 
I do not know how to survive
deeply hidden romantic sparks
banging out with extreme joys 

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