Friday, December 10, 2010

As a newborn Keen Student...

Meeting great people makes us to feel great. Right now I'm in such a situation. When I was in the school I felt some teachers were the greatest. But now I feel it is not correct. I don't blame any of my teachers but now I see the real world. When I started my first degree I felt it will help to get me a good job. But right now I'm in my final year and now I feel that getting a job does not fulfil the life. Even-though we have a good knowledge once completing the degree it is just  job oriented. But the knowledge we must have is the major intellectual property ever we can claim for the ownership and generate more and more elements to the subject body of knowledge as well as maximum returns to the nation  must be our fundamental aim. More the brave people more the nation can win. As I said earlier, now I have met the best lecturers of my life so far and what they were lecturing us is amazing and interesting. Especially I feel how small we are in front of their knowledge.
The first advice is to READ and sustain your knowledge no matter what is the stream is. Gather the knowledge locally as well as internationally as possible and critically think what can be made to develop it further and how to localize it which can be implemented in Sri Lanka successfully. Actually I have never thought about this localisation concept but I had ideas which can be directly established and adopted from the world which suits Sri Lanka. Prof. Kennedy Gunewardana one of the greatest taught this for me for the first time. As a very interactive student now I feel , if I knew this before I could have studied the concepts and localized many things even the small little concert organised in the school. 

As a newborn keen student, I’m just started it and I suddenly feel very happy because our strategic entrepreneurship and innovation lecturer Mr. Hasitha Wijesundara recommended us a book called “Who will cry when you die” by Robin S. Sharma and it is all about how to achieve the life through contributing others. Basically we should live such a life that the world cries when we die!  Actually before hearing about this book I had this feeling want to die just for few minutes and see who cries and how they feel about missing me. But it is almost the sake of a personal affection only within the family, friends and relatives. Any student can have this feeling but personally I don’t think that any of them have at least imagined a huge lot of unknown people cries when they die. Even adults might think only heroes can have such a background but why can’t we be the heroes who fulfils the life by contributing any of our specializations to the nation and the world.
“A good lad does not become a soldier; good steel does not become nails” (a popular Chinese saying cited by Lee Kuan Yew in his book Third World To First, 2000). Finally it can be concluded that the change of our thinking patterns is a must and it must be correlated with the growth of the knowledge of the nation. More we learn and localise more doors are there to compete successfully in the world. May be you have the potential but still you are thinking inside your limits. Do not be the steel be the nail which is useful. 


  1. I started seeing the new world from Rich Dad and New Dad.. Itz awesome.. And loving this new way...

  2. This post sounds inspiring.. And you girls seem motivated by the new lecturers.. Keep it up !

  3. The word "I" rather than "we" would have been better.

    Maybe you should live on your on rather than looking up to others

    I don't think this is the way for everyone. There are people who enjoy being educated.. doing research etc... There are others who enjoy planting a vegetable and looking after it.

    I mean, if all humans decide that they want the whole world to cry when they die and aspire to live like that...broadening their knowledge etc... There won't be a world at the end of the day to cry for anyone...

    The world is fine as it is.. Always.

    The world would cry when we die...? Would it matter?

    Humans are to think on their own, robots are to be programmed.

    So please use the word "I" not "we". Sometimes people begin to believe that, their way, their ideology, or religion is the best way out their and think that all others must do the same. It really happens.

    Live, do good, enjoy in your way and say GoodBye
    (ps: yea these type of Books sell very well... a perfect niche is there)

    To me, Einstein is great, So is Gandhi, so is my neighbour , so i am.

  4. Thank you for your ideas Mr. Anonymous.

    I used we because most of us (especially the students in our age and younger) have not seen the world yet. But may be you and all the others do well. So this is just a post for the people who wants a change. My heading makes sense of it.

    I know the world is fine as it is. everyone could not have such a life as I say in the post. But the inspiration is a must, the motivation is a must to win at least a few even some personal things.

    I hope you enjoy your life and some others too. As you say "There are others who enjoy planting a vegetable and looking after it" No problem at all with it. But each and everyone has an internal drive to achieve something they want. But if they can add something to it like achieving + contributing that small deed can be help to develop the nation. Even growing plants helps, so indirectly they contribute but they have never thought it this way. But they do. everyone does. If they have little more critical knowledge they can do well.

    May be you do not care who cries when you die, But except the family others will cry when you only have at least done something for others. I used "world" literary.

    Humans obviously have the right to think their own. Then better to destroy all the books and other knowledgeable things and do everything as we wish. Knowledge is their to gather and develop it further. it doesn't mean programming. It means expanding the knowledge. That's what I have done here. May be you and others know this already but I shared it for the people who have not never ever thought this way.

    I personally believe the word "WE" is more powerful than the word "I".

    As you say
    "Sometimes people begin to believe that, their way, their ideology, or religion is the best way out their and think that all others must do the same. It really happens."
    I have done the same thing. Accepting and rejecting is the wish of the audience I target.

    Yea! only some people like these types of books, But these are the recommended readings and world best selling books. I wonder why most of the people in the world accepted these books! Is that because they are jobless??? Or lame??

    You can beat Einstein if you keep on trying. (directly this brings a NO into your mind but why you cant think as YES?) Thomas Alwa Edison failed 955 times when he was inventing the bulb. Failures are their, but if you believe in yourself the ideal position is there.


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