Friday, May 28, 2010

Its her TIME!!!

The queen earth spins gently
Coz the precious time is getting closer to meet her dear 2010
Everyone smiles because it’s a fantastic moment
Full of happiness and exhilaration
The whole world celebrates this wonderful engagement
Dazzling crackers make her beautiful,
Wonderful prayers make her to smile,
We all her maid of honor who helps her
To make this lovely event memorable
How lucky is she,
Heart full wishes mixed with the breeze
Blessing everyone because it’s unique
Oh good Loard,
I pray this happiness should remain everyday
In everyone’s life.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I want to live inside movies,

ehem, ehem, Is it sounds stupid, but when a movie ends I feel like, eh, why the hell it ends like this, and I really wanna be the charachtor whoch touched my heart mostly, and sometimes I talk alone to me as I was the charector. lOl, its fun!! hahaaa...

There are loads of movies I like and I'v gona throught his pshyco process.. specially movies of Sandra Bullok, Miss. Congeniality is my favourite. 

"You think I'm gogoues, you wanna date me, love me and marry me," the way she says that touched my heart sooooooo crazily!!! :P 

Sunday, May 9, 2010

My dear... i appriciate your prayer..

One man showed me the path,
I came here to take part,
But i don't know the duration of the sail
Coz everything is up to god.
I'v heard that the maximum is 100 or more,
But it might be end at 50,
Sometimes it'll be 25, 
Or vanishes just 1 second of time

I met one person who cares me, loves me
I think god has sent him to me
as a gardian angel
to care me during this interesting sail without 
Any fail..

With the mercey of god,
Good friends, good relatives and all,
Hope i will finish ma ride with success.
Coz i know he'll be with me every moment.
I pray to end my sail before him,
Coz i can't be a moment without him..

End of the sail, we have to return,
Because this is not the real pattern.
One man is waitting for our return.
That's why we must make it better.

I don't know when is my final,
I only know he prays for me every second.
His only wish for me to get the highest medal.
That is to send me to the HEAVEN.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Feeling so lucky!

well, right now I am thinking about my self, from the day I born I have got everything I want. but always I needed more, its bad i knw, but even I wish something like that i have got it too. aren't am lucky.? yes I am.

From the day I born I have not cried for anything so deeply except for my bad work. I'v created a small world for me some things there are really interesting and some are my lovely dreams. actually some people say they do have a world but they never live with it. but I do.

for these everything the basement is my family, I have a cool mom who is an all a rounder who can do everything on her own but shes a house wife though she got many more talents just like mee.. ;)
my dad is in abroad, he loves us like nothing and he is doing everything for us. he does not hav any own interest but us! I knw he loves me a lot.  got a naughty brother and a cute sis who loves me alot...... I'm the light of the family, I din say that but they say.

I got nice aunties and nice relatives. I'm wondering, how come everyone likes me and like to spend time with me. If I'm visiting their place It is special for everyone. I'm not a queen but I feel I am...

Now I'm 21, I met my fiance when I was 17+ . . The greatest man. This is seriouse no one can do things like him. he taught me many things. Even he can stay awake everyday bcz of me. isnt it special?? up to now it has been 3 years spending happily. thank god he loves me more everyday. he loves me not only to marry he says he needs me in the heaven as well. Its great I knw.. I'm lucky to have him and i will say it everyday.

My friends = Pure awesomeness.. Notorious girls but loves me, I love them too. I need everyone to be happy in their lives. I knw they will bcz i pray for them always.

I got the best education best teachers best habits and a nice heart which has the ability to love all.. best ambitions great thoughts I know my god will never let me down bcz I dont think bad for anyone.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

A warmth feeling

whenever i remind you,
always i'm being creative
wonderful rythems
awesome poems
all make my life colourful
in my little world
there is a miracle
the flowers would never fade,
no dark, no sorrows
make my path to win my dreams
you are a gift of god
i'm lucky enough to have you sweet heart
you are an author of another legend of love 
and you write it happily in my heart
i do not know how to praise you
because you are the best out of all,,,,

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