Friday, August 3, 2018

Phrases That Instantly Persuade People

This is not magic and will guarantee you 100% success rate but, start adding these phrases to your vocabulary and you will realize how effective these phrases are.

When you want to get picked up for something always use below phrase to position your picture in the selector's mind.

I have a question, in case if you hire me / pick me for this task, right after sometime how will you know that you have made the right decision?

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

5 ways to improve your negotiation skills

Network in Advance - Build Emotional Equity

Never go to meetings directly to negotiate what you want. Get to know them, build the connection, try to help them out on something that they are trying to work out and so defiantly this will build up your emotional equity with them where they will become more comfortable, will have trust and you will have a higher chance of convincing them to your proposals.

Envision Your Conversation in Advance

Its always good to have a game plan. It doesn't say that the conversation will flow as you planned but definitely you are prepared for all the cross questions and

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