Saturday, March 18, 2023

I'll keep the love alive

My heart aches with the loss of something loved,

A void now fills the space where it once lived.

It seemed so small, so trivial at first,

But now the pain has grown, and my heart hurts.


The memories flood back like a tidal wave,

Each one a reminder of what we gave.

The moments we shared, the laughter and tears,

Now distant echoes from a time gone by years.


I search for solace in the depths of my soul,

But the ache remains, a gaping hole.

The pain is raw, the wound is deep,

And every breath feels like I'm trying to keep


Hold of something that has slipped away,

Something I thought would forever stay.

But now it's gone, and I'm left alone,

Feeling like a part of me has flown.


Yet even in the darkness, there's a glimmer of light,

A hope that things will be alright.

For though the loss is great, the love remains,

A flame that flickers through the heartache's pains.


So I'll hold onto the memories and the love we shared,

Knowing that it's something that cannot be compared.

And though the heartache may never fully fade,

I'll keep the love alive, a tribute to what we made.

Saturday, March 11, 2023

A love that will last, forever and long

 My heart is full, yet my lips stay still,

For the words of my love, remain unfulfilled.

It's a love that's hidden, deep within,

A secret that's kept, never to begin.


My love is like a rose, in the morning dew,

A beauty that's seen by only a few.

It's a flame that burns, with a fiery glow,

Yet it's a love that nobody will ever know.


I watch you from afar, with a longing heart,

Wishing that one day, we'll never be apart.

But my love stays silent, with no voice to speak,

And my heart aches, with the love I seek.


It's a love that's pure, and true in every way,

But it's a love that's never meant to see the light of day.

For fear of rejection, or losing your friendship too,

I'll keep my love a secret, forever and true.


So, my love remains untold, a hidden treasure,

A love that's locked away, without measure.

But in my heart, it burns bright and strong,

A love that will last, forever and long.

Sweetest Treasure

When I first saw you, my heart skipped a beat,

I knew in that moment, my life was complete.

Your eyes, they shone like stars in the sky,

And I knew then that I'd love you till I die.

With every passing day, my love for you grows,

Like a blooming flower, that nobody knows.

You are the sunshine that brightens my day,

And I'm grateful for you, in every single way.


Your smile is like music, that soothes my soul,

And your touch is like a warm, comforting bowl.

Your love is like a river, that flows endlessly,

And I'm so grateful, that you're here with me.


I promise to love you, through thick and thin,

To be your rock, your shelter, your everything.

I'll cherish you always, and never let go,

For in your arms, is where I feel whole.


So let's walk this path, hand in hand,

Together forever, we'll make our stand.

For in this life, there's nothing greater,

Than the love we share, our sweetest treasure.

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