Thursday, July 31, 2014

Love the way you love!

You never think of your time,
you spend them for me,
you love the time, which you be with me,
you send me love sealed with a kiss,
I love it all, all I have it now.
You make me smile no tears in my life,
You surprise me with wonders I dream,
You give me the best no one deserves it,
I feel so lucky like a fantasy. 
I have loads of things to be proud 
I really can not list them out..
Feeling romantic all the time you smile..
I wanna shout to the world and say that all..
You love me more than anything at all..

Saturday, July 26, 2014

I'm helpless..

It's unfair... I want to cry...
Wanting a warm hug...
Thinking again...
Everyone is around, I feel I'm alone..
Why does it repeat?
Over and over again...
What is happening?
I have got no clue...
I want to cry.. Leave me alone...
Sometimes I'm happy...
Because tiny things gladden my heart,
But when everything is far away...
And nobody understands...
I'm helpless...

Thursday, July 17, 2014

සසල සිත..

මම කවුද.. කිමද මේ..
අරුතක් නොදැන මා..
කෙසේ කියම්දෝ ඔබට,
වියවුල් මනසක පෑ..

සුහද බස් දොඩන්නේ,
හිඳ ගව් හතක් දුරින්..
ගැටුණු විට, නෙතට නෙත,
වෙනතක බලා යමින්..

උණු වුනේ මගේ සිත,
දැක ඔබේ සත් සුගුණ..
වදනකින් හෝ ඔබව,
සනසන්නට සිතුණි මට.

ඔබේ සිනහව පතන,
අහිංසක මගේ ලය..
ඉකි ගසා අඬන්නේ,
නොහඟවා මගේ නෙතට..

කුමක් කලාද මම?
මම දන්නේ නෑ තවම..
ඔබට ලං වන්නට,
අවසර නැතිද මට?

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