Sunday, April 24, 2016

Big Bang, Milky Way, Earth and Life

Sometimes after life excites me, finally we get to know what's real.. life is short, and everyone knows, Planet earth a tiny invisible dot even in our very own galaxy, the milky way. When we compare it with the universe, someone can simply ignore the existence of planet earth, just like we ignore decimal points / millimetres / milligrams etc. in our day to day life. Because when you look at the big picture, planet earth doesn't even exists.
Well, scientists say 14 billion years ago, its all started "The Big Bang". 4 billion years ago planet earth was born. 3.5 billion years ago life on earth started and about 200,000 years ago humans came into the picture. Its amazing if we have answers to all our Whys! and Hows! about life on planet earth.
So these numbers of evolution are massive and we are a part of it. However, we human live only for maximum 70 years (modern days its 70, it was less than this for human in previous eras), Bowhead whales can live up to 200 years and even dinosaurs life span was about 75 to 300 years. so when we average this out just to get an idea of what is the average life span of a living species that will come to around 135 years.
Every other thing is calculated in billion years, but living species get to live only 135 years. So when scientifically thinking, don't you think this is just a short term experiment of someone and we are inside a test tube where we have been given a chance to prove it... woah! I'm excited..

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