Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Feeling Romantic!!

I feel to fly far, over the oceans, faster and faster,
Ten thousands butterflies flying in my stomach smoother
I am strength-less to think something else at the moment,
since you are kissing my whole soul so deeper and deeper.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Feeling after completing an Assignment!

I always dream about the submitting day even before starting the assignment to do. I do not know why it makes me happy. I always try to think how am I going to write all these things and how am I gonna submit it on the day we are suppose to submit. Anyhow I do my work on time, that is the best part and I enjoy doing things and finding things to put inside in my assignment. But sometimes its so boring to do the same thing again and again.

However I complete all the questions slowly and if only I am satisfied with the document I'l be having the total cool feeling. once I am finished I really feel like floating and I seriously want to waste my time doing nonsense and stupid things. Specially I like to try something I'v never done. Right now I am having that awesome feeling since I have completed the assignment and only have to get the hard copy of it. Just cheering, and watching movies and wasting my time like nothing. 

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Stiletto Fantasy

Oh, the Stiletto. How I love you! High heel shoes were worn by men and women courtiers. The design of the stiletto heel originally came from the late Kristin S. Wagner but would not become popular until the late 1950s. The stiletto heel came with the advent of technology using a supporting metal shaft or stem embedded into the heel, instead of wood or other, weaker materials that required a wide heel. This revival of the opulent heel style can be attributed to the designer Roger Vivier and such designs became very popular in the 1950s.

Take a look in any shoe store right now and you will see they are packed with vertiginous heels stretching to their, four and even five inches high. They don't make for easy walking I can tell you. But now we are being warned of a much more serious danger posed by sky high shoes than just a trip or embarrassing tumble in the street.

The irrefutable sign that you've found the perfect pair of shoes? They magically breath new life into any number of garments that have been hanging more-or-less unloved in you closet. They look as fantastic with a pair of skinny jeans and fitted navy blue blazer as they do with a black pencil skirt and ruffled silk blouse.

When you want to look your absolute best, you need to wear the best. You need a brand that expresses style so luxurious and perfect that people automatically know the name behind the design. And when your pursuit for amazing style takes you to your need for shoes, you can look for that mystical perfection in high heel stiletto shoes. Stiletto style shoes are one of the most known styles, earning longstanding respect as one of the finest fashions in the industry.

If you want to make a statement with you image, then you’ll want to make sure you make that statement with the help of a gorgeous pair of stilettos. You can actually make a wide range of statements thanks to the luxurious variety they offer, including stiletto pumps, stiletto high heels, stiletto boots, metal stilettos and more. The choice is yours, and when you choose from strictly stiletto, it’s impossible to go wrong. You see, the stiletto style is named after a type of short knife or dagger that features a long and thin blade. As a part of that, this style will always be on the cutting edge of new fashion. However, high heel stiletto shoes are also amazing in their ability to honor retro and classic styles as well, granting a truly varied and beautiful line of shoes and heels.

A version of the stiletto heel was reintroduced as soon as 1974 by Manolo Blahnik, who dubbed his "new” heel the Needle. Similar heels were stocked at the big Biba store in London, by Russell and Bromley and by smaller boutiques. Old, unsold stocks of pointed-toe stilettos, and contemporary efforts to replicate them (lacking the true stiletto heel because of changes in the way heels were by then being mass-produced) were sold in street fashion markets and became popular with punks, and with other fashion "tribes" of the late 1970s until supplies of the inspirational original styles dwindled in the early 1980s. Subsequently, round-toe shoes with slightly thicker (sometimes cone-shaped) semi-stiletto heels, often very high in an attempt to convey slenderness (the best example of this being the shoes sold in London by Derber), were frequently worn at the office with wide-shouldered power suits. The style survived through much of the 1980s but almost completely disappeared during the 1990s, when professional and college-age women took to wearing shoes with thick, block heels. However, the slender stiletto heel staged a major comeback after 2000, when young women adopted the style for dressing up office wear or adding a feminine touch to casual wear, like jeans.

Stiletto heels are particularly associated with the image of the femme fatale. They are often considered to be a seductive item of clothing, and often feature in popular culture.
Stiletto heels undoubtedly concentrate a large amount of force into a small area. The great pressure transmitted through such a heel (allegedly greater than that exerted by an elephant standing on one foot can cause damage to carpets and floors. The stiletto heel will also sink into soft ground, making it impractical for outdoor wear on grass.

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