Saturday, March 11, 2023

A love that will last, forever and long

 My heart is full, yet my lips stay still,

For the words of my love, remain unfulfilled.

It's a love that's hidden, deep within,

A secret that's kept, never to begin.


My love is like a rose, in the morning dew,

A beauty that's seen by only a few.

It's a flame that burns, with a fiery glow,

Yet it's a love that nobody will ever know.


I watch you from afar, with a longing heart,

Wishing that one day, we'll never be apart.

But my love stays silent, with no voice to speak,

And my heart aches, with the love I seek.


It's a love that's pure, and true in every way,

But it's a love that's never meant to see the light of day.

For fear of rejection, or losing your friendship too,

I'll keep my love a secret, forever and true.


So, my love remains untold, a hidden treasure,

A love that's locked away, without measure.

But in my heart, it burns bright and strong,

A love that will last, forever and long.

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