Monday, December 13, 2010


Some people argue for nothing, 
Some people argue because they want to argue, 
Some do not know anything but they argue, 
Some-others do not want to give up on their opinion. 
And some-others argue but they do the same mistake
No one is perfect, and No one letting anyone to be perfect.
Talking about the common things will not direct us to the path of success
But if someone starts to talk about an important thing which was hidden
Again argument arises.
Nobody thinks at-least why they talk about such a topic.
But ultimately there is one thing
Everyone overtakes us
If we think in the same way always
We fail again and again
Bu the few who understand what is it in depth
Definitely will contribute + achieve. 


  1. Argue I do
    And one thing I know
    That i say this so
    Great friend are you

    For I will never
    would have to ever
    say sorry my dear
    but argue forever

    Thank you for being such a great person. It is unbelievable how someone could not simply get irritated by my harsh comments


  2. =) Thank you very much...... and I treat u as my best friend!


Your comments are highly appreciated ...
- Sharmila :)

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