Sunday, December 19, 2010

When you tell me that you love me...!!!

I wanna call the stars 
Down from the sky 
I wanna live a day 
That never dies 
I wanna change the world 
Only for you 
All the impossible 
I wanna do 

I wanna hold you close 
Under the rain 
I wanna kiss your smile 
And feel the pain 
I know what's beautiful 
Looking at you 
In a world of lies 
You are the truth 

And baby 
Everytime you touch me 
I become a hero 
I'll make you safe 
No matter where you are 
And bring you 
Everything you ask for 
Nothing is above me 
I'm shining like a candle in the dark 
When you tell me that you love me 

I wanna make you see 
Just what I was 
Show you the loneliness 
And what it does 
You walked into my life 
To stop my tears 
Everything's easy now 
I have you here 

And baby 
Everytime you touch me 
I become a hero 
I'll make you safe 
No matter where you are 
And bring you 
Everything you ask for 
Nothing is above me 
I'm shining like a candle in the dark 
When you tell me that you love me 

In a world without you 
I would always hunger 
All I need is your love to make me stronger 

And baby 
Everytime you touch me 
I become a hero 
I'll make you safe 
No matter where you are 
And bring you 
Everything you ask for 
Nothing is above me 
I'm shining like a candle in the dark 
When you tell me that you love me 

You love me 
When you tell me that you love me

A song by Westlife feat Diana Ross
Dedicated my loving honey

Friday, December 17, 2010

Correlation of Education and Life Objectives of Muslim Girls

Muslim culture is different and their values may be different. As we know, same as other cultures Muslim culture also has some special way of doing things. But to be qualified or to contribute to the nation religion and the culture does not matter and neither a religion nor a culture say or teaches not to contribute to develop the country. Nowadays there are many Muslim girls who focus on their education and who is willing to go abroad and obtain the knowledge and create value to the country. But there is a debate that even though they learn and qualify their ultimate destination is to be a stay at home mom. We can see this situation in the society and most of them are educating theirs-selves and staying at home. This argument is unfair for the Muslim girls who learns and qualify and also who has broader objectives/visions towards the country and life expectations.

When we deeply analyse this situation there are girls from different races who follow the same education and being at home after the marriage. The industry displays there are more male employees than the female. This situation has occurred not because of the gender equity issues because this year, Sri Lanka has been ranked 16th in the world for gender equality in the Global Gender Gap Index ahead of the United States at 31, is the shining exception to the rest of South Asia in terms of gender parity (Daya Gamage – US National Correspondent Asian Tribune, 2010).   Therefore we could not come to a conclusion that Sri Lanka does not treat genders equally. Why this argument arises specially pointing out the Muslim girls. It demotivates the girls who has a wide knowledge and who wants to achieve certain career goals and certain personal objectives. Therefore as a Sri Lankan it is a responsibility figure-out why this situation arises and to find out talents to sustain the Sri Lankan economy. This study is not limited only to the Muslim girls but all the women who are talented and knowledgeable. But to be specific I would like to more focus on Muslim girls.

This phenomenon can take place mainly because of 4 reasons.
1) Because of the religion and the culture.
2) On request of parents and spouses.
3) Muslim girls do not deserve the suitable positions in the industry/ Discrimination
4) No qualified Muslim girls

Basically as reported above the religion and the culture does not limit the girls. The demonstration below elaborate it perfectly.

"Every time Allåh states in the Qur’ån ‘O you who believe!’ or ‘O mankind!’, He is
calling the attention of both men and women. One Qur’ånic verse mentions no less than
ten good basic characters in both the masculine and feminine sense:
“Surely the men who submit and the women who submit,
and the believing men and the believing women,
and the devout men and the devout women,
and the truthful men and the truthful women,
and the patient men and the patient women,
and the humble men and the humble women,
and the charitable men and the charitable women,
and the fasting men and the fasting women,
and the men who guard their chastity
and the women who guard their chastity
and the men who remember Allåh much
and the women who remember Allåh much,
Allåh has prepared for them forgiveness and a mighty reward.”
From a theoretical point of view, in Islåm, what is good for men is, generally, good for

It is also recorded
that the Prophet gave the good news that “if a man had a slave girl and educated her in
the best possible way, then gave her her freedom and married her, he will be rewarded
twice.” (Al-Bukhåry)

As according to the above Islamic teachings there are no limitations to a girl to obtain education. But all other three factors are very sociological phenomenon. I personally request if you have an argument or a fact to report please contribute and it would make the research more practical. The next articles would be published under a deep analysis of these factors and may be some other factors also can affect this situation.
Sensitive topics most of the time never have been taken up to argue or to find out the real facts. Therefore this is an attempt just to figure out what happens in the reality.

Monday, December 13, 2010


Some people argue for nothing, 
Some people argue because they want to argue, 
Some do not know anything but they argue, 
Some-others do not want to give up on their opinion. 
And some-others argue but they do the same mistake
No one is perfect, and No one letting anyone to be perfect.
Talking about the common things will not direct us to the path of success
But if someone starts to talk about an important thing which was hidden
Again argument arises.
Nobody thinks at-least why they talk about such a topic.
But ultimately there is one thing
Everyone overtakes us
If we think in the same way always
We fail again and again
Bu the few who understand what is it in depth
Definitely will contribute + achieve. 

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Studying in Sinhala ruins the future.

The main intention of this article is NOT to argue about the races and religions, but the language barriers. Sri Lanka is an eastern country with loads of traditions and a country which values the culture. Under the British Emperors Sri Lankan students obtained their education in English and once Sri Lanka named as an independent country in 1948 the situation started to change. The people, who were very much attached to the culture and traditions, agreed the conversion of the national language to Sinhala. This was the first step taken unconsciously which was going to block some competitive advantages in the future and obstruct the development. Also it was unfair for the students who were studying in English before the independence. Currently all the government schools offer education in Sinhala and once completing school students have to face to a huge difficulty because all the higher education is taking place in English. But still some universities and institutes offer it in Sinhala which is useless. Almost all the great authors write books in English and it is unfair if the Sri Lankan school students could not refer them. May be some text books only can have a translated part of it but it is not the actual statement or the idea and different people might understand it in different ways. Therefore to sustain the students and to give the original idea the communication is in a widely spoken international language is a must.  
Some people might argue even if we educate our students in English it is not the official language of the world. But the point is it is a widely spoken business language and important to be fluent and competitive among others to stabilize our ideas in the world. There are many bright students who got many new ideas but they could not successfully communicate it in the international platform. It fails us in this globalized world. May be some can suggest using a translator can help to come out from this issue. But the originality of the thought and to feel the genuine thought the owner of the idea must represent it. To accomplish good communication it must be in a widely spoken language where almost everyone can understand. Therefore it is suitable to get the total education in English because currently the competitive environment of the world and English is widely spoken in Business matters and computing. Specially when it comes to computer technology, some words are not available in Sinhala. Continues inventions take place in the world and all these new science and technological education is only available in English and some major international languages. To obtain those technologies and localize our students must have a very good knowledge in the language of the people who teach them to us. 
Another argument which can arise is all Sri Lankans can understand Sinhala why should we use English for them. Of course all Sri Lankans are very fluent in Sinhala and no point of saying the same thing in English. The failure point is we cannot stand alone in the world. It is very competitive and highly globalised. We have to depend on others to develop our country. In such a scenario we have to practise global communication methods to obtain the best and good knowledge from the world. To succeed this process Sri Lankans must have the education in English. The government spend billions to develop the education system and to provide free education but why they have not identified this language barrier which is the basic essence of education and interaction.
Further each and every Sri Lankan student must study another language apart from English, Sinhala and Tamil. This strategy helps further to win the world. Some might think British, Japanese, Chinese and some other countries only use their native languages and why not we should study in Sinhala. Of course they do because they do not have the situation of depending on other countries. They are stabilised and developed. But as a third world country to get on the track as a strategy we must improve our fluency in English and on extra languages.
It can be concluded, we do not have to deny our culture, our traditions and our language Sinhala. But we do have to compete in the globalised environment and succeed the league. We have a huge responsibility of building our nation. We do have all the resources and the knowledge. But lack of good communication generate lower output from the formula of success.   

Friday, December 10, 2010

As a newborn Keen Student...

Meeting great people makes us to feel great. Right now I'm in such a situation. When I was in the school I felt some teachers were the greatest. But now I feel it is not correct. I don't blame any of my teachers but now I see the real world. When I started my first degree I felt it will help to get me a good job. But right now I'm in my final year and now I feel that getting a job does not fulfil the life. Even-though we have a good knowledge once completing the degree it is just  job oriented. But the knowledge we must have is the major intellectual property ever we can claim for the ownership and generate more and more elements to the subject body of knowledge as well as maximum returns to the nation  must be our fundamental aim. More the brave people more the nation can win. As I said earlier, now I have met the best lecturers of my life so far and what they were lecturing us is amazing and interesting. Especially I feel how small we are in front of their knowledge.
The first advice is to READ and sustain your knowledge no matter what is the stream is. Gather the knowledge locally as well as internationally as possible and critically think what can be made to develop it further and how to localize it which can be implemented in Sri Lanka successfully. Actually I have never thought about this localisation concept but I had ideas which can be directly established and adopted from the world which suits Sri Lanka. Prof. Kennedy Gunewardana one of the greatest taught this for me for the first time. As a very interactive student now I feel , if I knew this before I could have studied the concepts and localized many things even the small little concert organised in the school. 

As a newborn keen student, I’m just started it and I suddenly feel very happy because our strategic entrepreneurship and innovation lecturer Mr. Hasitha Wijesundara recommended us a book called “Who will cry when you die” by Robin S. Sharma and it is all about how to achieve the life through contributing others. Basically we should live such a life that the world cries when we die!  Actually before hearing about this book I had this feeling want to die just for few minutes and see who cries and how they feel about missing me. But it is almost the sake of a personal affection only within the family, friends and relatives. Any student can have this feeling but personally I don’t think that any of them have at least imagined a huge lot of unknown people cries when they die. Even adults might think only heroes can have such a background but why can’t we be the heroes who fulfils the life by contributing any of our specializations to the nation and the world.
“A good lad does not become a soldier; good steel does not become nails” (a popular Chinese saying cited by Lee Kuan Yew in his book Third World To First, 2000). Finally it can be concluded that the change of our thinking patterns is a must and it must be correlated with the growth of the knowledge of the nation. More we learn and localise more doors are there to compete successfully in the world. May be you have the potential but still you are thinking inside your limits. Do not be the steel be the nail which is useful. 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

You are the best of the best!!!

I remember the way I kiss you
When I say goodbye,
You hold me like the end of the world
And look deep into my eyes,
The twinkling heart plays techno strikes
In a manner of lovely song,
When you look at me and
Admire each and every single site.
Your voice of joy crafts rainbows on my face
Your warmth fond makes the life gorgeous with grace
I wonder the miracles you have done and how could I praise
I honor your internal love my charming prince
You are the best of the best.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

1st day to School, 2 nd experience!

I just can remember the day I joined to follow my degree. It was scary. I was wondering how to make friends. I was shivering because of the entirely new background. All new faces around me, some people smiled and some people did not care. There was the lift, but I din use, and I met a person and I asked I'm a new comer, where to go? He pointed up and said "5th floor" I said "Thanks" Two lecturers were staring, I just passed them. Thank to the floor numbers I found the 5th floor. and there were 3 ladies including my counselor. She smiled and offered me a big file and said "Go to that class" again I said "Thanks".
When I was entering the class room, there wasn't a single noise. All were bending their heads to those big files each one got. I didn't make a single noise too. All most half of the class was full. So I went near to a girl and sat. She just smiled at me and I did  the same. I called my mom and asked to come up because I left my lunch with her. I was scared to stand up and go back down. No one was there to chat as I did in the school. So I did the same what were others doing. Suddenly my phone was ringing loudly. I was shocked, because that was the only noise in the room then and I felt guilty. I checked who is it, and it's mom just behind the door. ehh!! Slowly I stood up and went to her. She asked me why all were silence, I said "I don't know, they all are reading this file so I'm doing the same". Mom gave me the lunch and she told that she's leaving and asked me to come home once the lectures got over. I was dreaded just like a small child first day to school but how could I express I just said "OK" and came back to my place. Those are the moments we feel that being a child is better at-least we can cry and ask our loves once to be with us. But how could I cry. I have entered to carry on my higher education to a high-flying university. Tears don't even exists in these types of places.
Finally I was okay but shivering but that is not because of the fear but because of the minus temperature. I just took a breath and said HI to the girl next to me. I can see now others talking to each other. She was friendly and we just talked. Actually it was just a mini "how do u do" type conversation. I can feel more people are coming into the class, once in a while I turned and checked who was it. But there wasn't a single known face.
A guy came to our row and said Hi, and sat next to us. And the class mentors and the administrators came and they started the introductory speech. I got to know it was our orientation and we got it for two whole weeks. They also mentioned we got many group activities and fun times. I liked that part. and the day began...

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