Friday, May 6, 2011

This Blog Post is for everyone who is heartbroken.

I write this post because these days I see loads of breakups and bad relationships. I really feel sorry for them but all of them have to realize what is life and what is really going on. Well, two people can start up a relationship based on many factors, most of the time people rate it on the beauty/handsomeness, the quality/habits, likes/dislikes etc. etc. but when you are in a relationship you get to know the person deeply and you may say many differences likes, dislikes of him/her. and that small difference leads the entire relationship to a different angle. When a person in a true relationship he/she must feel that "I'm happy for no reason, I know he/she thinking of me all the time, He/she gives me priority and care, you feel secure and he/she only can understand me. In any relationship these basic steps are there but when the time moves and with the impact of the social environment the situation changes and when you realize "he/she is not the same person you met, and then he/she not treating the same way he/she did, also he/she does not care me at all or giving me priority" then begins the problem and the tears.

True love and happily ever after only comes with few people and it is a blessing of god. You may have seen it in your parents and friends and even sometimes you are a person who is witnessing it. People can say everyone has a partner assigned by god in heaven, but the pure love and the way you want to be treated would exactly happen only for few people and it is a miracle I would say. So I'm not saying you should not be in a relationship unless all these things happen but when you are not feeling good or comfortable with someone why bother staying with him/her with all the rules and regulations etc. etc.

When the feelings arise the average age would be 16-19 and in this scenario the situation would be extremely difficult because this is just based on your feelings. So if you want the pain just go for a relationship in 16-19 and that's why our parents always reject our relationships in this age and that's for our own good. But still there are exceptional cases. When you are 20+ you may find someone interesting and for the first few months you would feel like everything is beautiful. But when the problems begins realize only one thing that you don't deserve to cry. He/she just an outsider coming into the life for just few months and changing the total life into a hell is not be allowed because you have everyone around and who the hell is he/she to make your world so ugly and unhappy. Just realize few things, you can't make someone to treat you as you want or to make to deeply love you and also realize there are people around who really loves you and they need you and your love. Just expressing your love to them would be make them happy and make your heart happy too. Why bother about a person who is not caring at all.

Finally, I would like to say a relationship is not always right, because that is the nature of the world, people can love you like a miracle because of some other advantages, because of money, the family privileges, specially sexual needs, etc. etc. these are known facts but still people are falling for these people and finally ruining their lives. I say you must realize it and give your life to the best one who is not using you for some other reasons. Ultimate truth is you should feel the same happiness, same freedom, as you did even when you are in a relationship and continue. This can be called as the so called miracle. :) :)

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