Thursday, June 30, 2011

RIO Vs Rango

I just wanted to write a tiny review of RIO and Rango. I don't know what others do or say, but this is what I think. Basically many friends of mine recomended to watch these two movies. So I downloaded then and watched both. First let me explain about RIO. First screen was very exciting and I loved the first song of the movie very much since the dance is so real and I think, I love Samba. The story line was pretty much common and its almost the expecting end as well as filled with expected next moments. I have a feeling that the cartoon musicians have a good music essence to match and mix the moment perfectly. I say this because all the animated movies I watched got beautiful songs. When it comes to animations of the movie RIO, it's genius and I noticed even the micro movements of a bird has been well animated.
Further the details of the city RIO is well captured. It made me to add Brazil to my future tours. Therefore throughout the movie the realistic feeling is available. I suggest though the story line is bit boring, they could have added few more songs and make the movie bit interesting. I say this because end of the story I had the feeling something like "Is that all?"

Now let me talk about Rango. The story line of Rango is quite good also it says a good message to the world that no one can walk out of their own story and I liked it very much. Kind of inspirational. Also I have the feeling that this movie got popular because of Johnny Depp is vocalizing the character Rango. Total movie can be fake but that stupid owls disturbing once in a while and I hate it too. When it comes to animations technically its obviously superb. But the characters are disgusting and I simply hate everyone of them. No one look good to stare at. How a person can watch a movie which has a bunch of disgusting creatures. I felts ewwwwwww... I don't know its right or wrong. But that is what I really felt. I have a personal feeling that we must have the ability to live in the movie to feel and like the movie so I think RIO had that environment but Rango is almost a crap for me.

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  1. well i don't believe rango is crap zaza coz the story was quite good than typical animation stories but ya kinda agree with your character thing.


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