Friday, August 3, 2018

Phrases That Instantly Persuade People

This is not magic and will guarantee you 100% success rate but, start adding these phrases to your vocabulary and you will realize how effective these phrases are.

When you want to get picked up for something always use below phrase to position your picture in the selector's mind.

I have a question, in case if you hire me / pick me for this task, right after sometime how will you know that you have made the right decision?

Respondent has to definitely look at you and have to explain about the parameters that he/she will be looking at. He/she has to picture you in that particular position. Since they already have spent time thinking how you will fit into the position definitely you have gained share in recruiter's mind.

Next interesting way to persuade someone is to know their name. It makes the person you want to convince to feel as if he/she knows you even if its the first time you meet each other. It grabs anyone's attension as humans are tuned to react to their name. Try this trick and you will feel, suddenly he/she is comfortable talking to you and go the extra mile to do what you want them to do.

Yes ladder is the next trick you can try on people when you want them to say Yes. For an example when you want to ask someone out on a date.

Have you every heard of Salsa Dancing?
Answer will be Yes

Does it seem like something you like?
Answer will be Yes

Would you like to go sometime?
Answer will be Yes

Okay so why dont you give me your number, this wednesday there is a class at 8.00 pm and after that there is open dancing session so we can go to that?
Answer will be Yes

The technique is to get people to answer a set of easy question and then bring the person to a point where it will look natural.

I hope you will use these techniques as much as possible when you want to persuade someone.

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