Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How ZASHGAL created.?

hey there..

ZASHGAL is the name of this blog. Sometimes some might think what is it? Well its a combination of my favorite letters. Z,A,S and H. gal is just came out from GIRL.
Z is my pet name,
A is my role model,
S is my name,
H is my everything.

When I was schooling I just wanted to open a gmail account because I only had a yahoo mail those days. I needed some crazy name to open an account. well, this is not crazy just went through waht i like and combined them together and I found ZASH.
When I create the account this name is not available and I thought of adding GAL to it. so finally this name is established and still I use this email account.
I had this name on my desk in the class, I used tipex to write this hugely on the table. lol, So it was my sign of identification at school. Where ever I go leaving this sign because I had this mentality of people who are in story books and movies.
Still those wonderful crafts are in my school...

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  1. Oh... great... what a great meaning you have given haa... I like your english writings too... :)


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