Sunday, July 4, 2010

Dear Angela Teacher!

The first day I met you is the day my life turned a brand new page. I can still remember around 8.20 am you were near to the office in a brown Saree and I came to you to talk regarding the new class and I said I am in your class and what we have to do now. You said clean the class I'l be there within 10 minutes. That was the first to build up a close teacher student relationship with you.

I was a nerd, really I was a nerd. People liked me but some did not liked me. so everything turned into a better direction with your approach to my life. If I start to love someone I love them endlessly and continuously. This is what happened to me when it comes to you as well. even now I can remember all the tiny little moments which you made miracles to send me to the best place. As a teacher you guided me and you want to see me in a very good position. Indirectly I learnt many more things from you.

The love inside my heart and the way I respect you is endless and you deserve it. I know you love me as the way I do. Thank you for being such a great teacher!

This picture was taken by Milidi on the day of our O/L fair well party, I still can remember what you were saying there to me. 

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