Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sandra, this post is for you,

Dear Sandra Bullock,

I did not know who you are until I watch BLIND SIDE, one of the greatest movies I'v ever watched. But even before that I watched PROPOSAL and I enjoyed the movie a lot. After watching BLIND SIDE, I was talking about the movie all the time with all my friends and I even did not know your name too. So I got to know your name from one of my friends and I was really happy because I wanted to watch all of your movies.

So I came home and googled your name and found all of your details. I am sorry to say although you are very famous in the world I did not know about you. Anyhow now I'm a great fan of you. I have a real dream to meet you once in my life. Now I have almost completed watching all the movies and I have downloaded all of your movies too. I really Enjoyed Miss. Congeniality part 1 and 2 both. I love 28 days too. I have noticed one thing in your movies that you have given the first priority to the humanity in all movies and also there is always something hidden about you. I like it.

In the movie ALL ABOUT STEVE, when you say why you ware red boots, really it made me to cry. I really loved your role in that movie. I feel that you have a great personality and you represent your real life in all your movies. You are funny and amazing. You are blessed to be like that. I realy like the way you smile and the way you enjoy the life.

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