Monday, October 18, 2010

Being a "Director" Dream!

Oh yes!
Have an idea in my mind. obviously i know it can make a huge different in the industry. this is not only just a thought but a long time dream which must be achieved. being a director in my own company. I think the time has come for it. But i need a real good partner who is very passionate about business. This is not just a game. I need it to be very very serious. I want to have a very profitable business to achieve my next dreams.

Actually its a flow of dreams which follows one and another. I have not seen any manager or any of executives have their very own Mercedes Benz or a luxurious house in Colombo 7. oh yea! what they will have is somewhat luxury car and a house in a very good neighborhood. But when u be the boss always you go in the super fabulous car and you be in the super fabulous house also followed by the super fabulous business, office and with the most amazing life partner in the world which is already found. ;)

So I think this is the time to think about being the Boss. i can still remember when I was doing my A/L's in my school our economic teacher Sister Anne Christin asked me, Ok sharmila, now when you go to an interview will you mess with the Boss same as you do in the class always messing with me.. :D :D I laughed at her and said "I never gonna go to an interview but I will interview people who comes to me" Then she laughed and said "Great"

From the very small days I used play building blocks and I always used to design stuff. Even now I feel I should have done an Architect course. I'm very good in designing houses. And the next thing I played is "OFFICE" you know how interesting was it. I was the Boss in my office. My initials are F.S. and K. so I have  kept the name as FSK companies! :D it was awesome! I think of FSK Shopping complex, FSK Shipping lines, FSK travels, FSK garments etc. etc. everything!! Yeah its a quit a lot for a kid, but i WAS!!

one day everything will be a reality, and I can see it from here, not far as you think....

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  1. OMG !!! First of all let me comment about this post.. "Being a "Director" Dream" !!! I was laughing out loud to the bottom of this post.. and all after I felt that you'll make this dream come true one day.. I'm sure.. You got the courage which is the utmost thing many haven't..

    And about the new theme.. Hmm.. I say 'Nice' ! 7/10 ! and I like the Header of the theme.. looks unique.. I guess you designed it..

    Anyway keep on writing.. Dreamers are the inventors.. :]


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