Monday, October 11, 2010


Well this page is all about my crazy friends and memories. Technically 20 of us met at our A/L class in 2006. I was not there at the first day since I wanted to do arts for my A/L's. but my mind changed and from the second day I went and sat in the commerce class.

OMG.... endless ගුටි බැට & ඇනුම් බැනුම් was our MOTO.....!!!!

We had a nice class teacher called Sister Anne Christin. The best teacher in the world since she understood us very well. I think she could understand us very well since she is very young. We used to call her PODI because there were only two nuns in the school our Principal is the ලොකු Sister and PODI is our class teacher.

She helped us alot to learn and also she taught many things about the life. some advices are really really odd and actually we laughed at her. she knew how crazy we were and suddenly she said
"මහා NOTORIOUS කැළක්"
from that day onwards we became NKs'.. We loved that name and craft it in our class.. I was the craftswoman... have loads of memories better to write down before I get older.!

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