Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Perfect pair for your WEDDING!!

here is romance in the air when a wedding takes place. Many feet will also be up there in the air. Fewer will be on the ground! It is time for fantasies to come alive, dreams to be realized and brides to be dressed from head to toe. So what about wedding shoes, how beautiful will they be and be picked up from where and most of all who will design them? 

Frankly today it is easier to fetch the wedding shoes online, look at picture books and get them custom made and also fly across the continent and get a few pairs. Are the wedding/reception gown, sari and other clothes in place? It is much easier to choose when the dress is ready especially for the bride.
The most important accessory of dressing is the footwear. For the various outfits, there is a variety of footwear, but shoes are universal type, that has the maximum in terms of choice. From sports to formal to casual, from leather to cloth, there are all kinds of material and styles.

Shoes are also country-specific. InIndia it is commonly said, “One can know the class of a person by looking at his or her shoes.”
Bridal shoes don’t have to be special but they definitely have to be striking enough to blend with the bridal dress or gown that will be worn. Of course they come in the special category of designer shoes, as they may not be worn with other party outfits. Internationally there are several companies catering to only bridal shoes. Over the years they have perfected the art of making them more comfortable.

Usually to match the ivory gown or white gown materials that are used for bridal shoes are satin or silk in shape of ballerina shoes. Hey are most comfortable when the brides have to dance. Some enterprising young brides do go in for low heels (maybe because of the short height!) but as long as they are able to carry off and spend the D-day easily without having to kick away the heels then it is fine. In India hours long ceremonies during marriages mean that the bride will need comfortable slip-ons. For one part she will have to sit for long and then wear them to another part of the ceremony.What’s more in India embroidered outfits need handling too. So few brides will be able to lo down on the feet care. 

Brides in India wear usually red ghagara cholis saris or salwars. Gold or silver sandals, slippers or strappy shoes are ideal. Also in large gatherings they are a tendency of shoes getting lost. So having an extra pair of wedding shoes is also advisable.

As for others they could go for a combination of fashion and comfort. Ladies wear those high heals only with good skirts and if you have good legs to carry them. No one wants to see a wobbly pair of feet waiting for on a fine occasion like a wedding. Plenty of choices from leather, suede, silk and other materials are available for shoes. And if you are part of the baarat and will dance wear flat embroidered jutis. They will let you dance away without the stress.

A nice tip especially for the bride would be to match her embroidered evening handbag with shoes! The idea has been quite a buzz about a bride choosing to use color for her shoes. Infact, the bride can embrace the color concept and match the flowers with the shoes. Please don’t mix western shoes with Indian dresses. Fusions don’t work on all occasions. Wedding is definitely not the occasion for this mix but matching will certainly rock!

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