Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I like when u...

Hug me
Write a love note.
Call me at work just to say Hi
Give me a foot massage.
Tell me a joke.
Care me with slow gentle strokes.
Go for a walk with me.
Send me a happy gram.
Admit your mistakes.
Say:I love you pana.
Listen to me talk about an interest of myself.
Look at me when you're in a discussion.

Send me red Roses.
Compliment something I did.
Ask me to show you how to do something.
Call when you are going to be late.
Take me out to dinner.
Write me a poem about how special I am.

Comment on my pictures.
Admire my beauty,
Cut out a cartoon I will enjoy.
Go shopping together.
Take an afternoon drive.
Put your arm around me in front of others.

showing everyone I am your everything.
Take me out on a surprise date.
Do something I want to do.
Plan a candle light dinner.
Look at old photos together.
Serve them breakfast in bed.
Hold hands.
Share sexual fantasies.
Do a work project together.
Take a shower together.
Carry my photo in your wallet.
Go away together for a weekend holiday.
Kiss me so deeply
Smile more when you look at me.
Go for a bicycle ride together.
Surprise me with a special attire.
Plan a picnic lunch.
Read something together
Say Good morning first.
Send me a card.
Surprise me with a gift when its a non-holiday.
Cook me a favorite meal.
Try a new restaurant.
Ask them how I feel.
Let me know when you are proud of them.
Turn on some romantic music.

Dedicate a song to me.
Send me a balloon bouquet.
Watch a sunset together.
Play a game together
take me to a movie
Ask me for a hug.
Wear some new cologne.
Discuss future plans with me
Ask if you can help when I look sad.

Hugging me when I am sad
Ask me about my dreams.
Meet me for lunch.
Enlarge a scenic photo of a place you have shared.
Give me a gift certificate for my favorite store.
Tell me what you like about me.
Buy me a new perfume.
Take me to a scenic spot.
Send me a gourmet gift basket.
Send me a joke card.
Let me know when you have thought of me during the day.
Buy me a toy.
Compliment me to my friends.
Tell me when I look attractive.
Send me a post card.
Invite me to a secret rendezvous.
Give me a massage.
Take a lesson with me.
Plan a vacation with me.
Buy me a new piece of jewelry.
Watch a TV show with me
Write me a letter.
Listen to music with me, such as an old favorite.
Whisper sweet nothings in my ear.
Tell me what you like that I do.
Give a head massage.
Invite me to a concert.
Let me know you

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