Friday, August 23, 2013

Still at office.. wondering

It's a hectic day and I am still at office waiting for my husband to pick me. Kind of bored but still have the courage to write something. I'm just seeing random things right now, yes my coffee helps me a lot to do that. Still people are around trying to figure out their work and specially how to say good bye to their office computer. Its just tiring to stay in this chair and look at the screen and even look into others work. But I just don't know how to get rid of it.

My supervisor is next to me and staring to one of my colleague's computer wondering how can he improve the deliverable further. And my colleague next to me is waiting until he finalize the document and send it across to the client. I know what runs in her mind, she just want to run away. Another colleague of mine is nicely watching game of thrones and he is a cross word freak. Yes he is nicely balancing his work, game of thrones and crosswords. Far away another one just came in after dinner and his exhausted face is just scary.

Everyone is busy and in their own worlds and I think this routine will never change. Most of us sacrifice our time and energy to earn money. Its all about money and we seriously look into it. We hunt for new jobs, better offers, better deals.. End of the day it just go away.

Whatever, I do expect the same thing, same motivational factor, same target, same pattern just like everyone. I'm just wondering what else can motivate all of us. Just wondering is there any other way I can make my self more focused. Each and every one of us wants to achieve, be rich, be cool and awesome. Apart from these normal behaviors, is there anyone who wants to achieve something else in their lives. Just wondering and your comments are appreciated. What we can do to make our lives more beautiful and interesting apart from the typical answers we get.

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  1. Me and my husband always believe the creative factor. It's in everything we do. It keeps us alive and makes our bond stronger. We have crazy ambitions I can't even divulge to you as a normal human being. I really don't know if this is the correct way of living. But for the moment it works:)


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