Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sims 3 Tips : Be rich without using cheats

Well, my findings are very practical and you do not need to use cheat codes to play the game. The method is very short and simple where you can experience the true essence of the game for real. If you are starting the game as a young adult find the biggest house with the biggest land in the city and visit the house. If you can marry someone from that house you can move in with them to the biggest house and sell your current household with furniture.

Next, you will realize that all the assets are under your control including the Sims who are already in the new household. Also you can check each and everyone of their careers too. If their career level is more than 7, even if you kick out they can build up a rich house in the city. Therefore click on the phone icon on your Sim panel and click move
and then you'll be asked to select a household already on Sale or an empty lot. Do not select any. Select the Sims you want to send off and click "kick out" button and do not click it as the active household. 

When you Kick everyone out, you and your partner will be in the household and obviously a huge house is too big for two of you. So sell the house off with the furniture and move to a small house or an empty lot in the city (where you can build your own house). Next you will notice the value of the household you sold is in your account. 

Once you have the money, go to the map view and then click on commercial properties in the city. When you click there will be an option to be a partner. Try to buy share certificates as possible and then weekly you'll be receiving profits of the business. When you have enough money to buy the property you can obtain all the profits of it. Within just two three weeks, you can be a millionaire in the Sim city as well as buy out the same old house you were. Further if you need you can ask to move in the people you kicked out. 

Isn't it ethical? No cheats, just pure business. 


  1. If you kick someone out can you still use them???

    1. Yes.. You have to visit them back and ask them to move in. :D


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