Friday, May 6, 2016

I was her little one

I was her little one,
She loved me day and night
Taught me little things and hugged me like a child
When she was sad, I cried
When she was happy, I smiled
It was a fairytale, truly it was one..

One day she got a gift,
From her very favourite one
She was happy and excited, she took it into her arm,
She had a grin on her face, because it was unexpected
She wanted it to be happy and she did what it takes
She spent all her time, looking at it growing
it was so lovely to see her courage and effort in it

Days and nights were passed, weeks and months were gone
I was sitting at the same dusty corner
Looking at them everyday..

She didn't bother to talk, she didn't bother to care,
Her new friend is a puppy, who could make her happy
As I always do, I love to see her happy
But I am the little doll, she forgot and dumped away

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