Monday, January 16, 2012

Sri Lankan Cuisine

Sri Lankan cuisine is well diversified and mainly influenced by South India. The main reason of this diversification is since traders from all over the world came to Sri Lanka in the 15th and 16th centuries to trade different spices and further they brought their native cuisines to the island. By this local foods are gradually grown and Sri Lanka cuisines can be called as one of the complex cuisines of South Asia.
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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Beautiful Sceneries in Sri Lanka : Ella Gap

Ella is blessed with some of the most beautiful views, you could find in Sri Lanka. It is 8 Km away from Bandarawela. This small town is well known for beautiful scenaries and plenty of trekking expeditions.
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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Temple Run Tips

When you start playing no one can score high. First what you have to do is just try to collect coins as possible. Go to the store and power up all the power boosts to the maximum level. collect coins and  scroll down the store and buy the wings which is 500 bucks each. Try to buy 20 to 25 wings and when you run double click on the screen to activate it. Try to activate if you have scored more than 500,000 (for a beginner) or if you play and score more than 1 million activate it after you achieve 1 million.

Usually this wing can be used to run around 500 meters and once the wing is disabled you cannot immediately activate another. Just stay calm and run another 500 meters and you''ll hear a tinkling sound to notify the availability of the wing.
Do not activate wings while on the invisible mode run because it is a waste. When you are in invisible mode just focus and turn exactly at the turning point. Once the power is depreciating activate the wing.
When it comes to characters Barry Bones, the city cop with an attitude is the best runner who can run smoothly and as according to my experience the speed of the game is pretty much stable. 

Apart from these simple techniques, try to play it with another partner to challenge each other and it makes you to achieve more and more and score high and high.

Good Luck!

Sims 3 Tips : Be rich without using cheats

Well, my findings are very practical and you do not need to use cheat codes to play the game. The method is very short and simple where you can experience the true essence of the game for real. If you are starting the game as a young adult find the biggest house with the biggest land in the city and visit the house. If you can marry someone from that house you can move in with them to the biggest house and sell your current household with furniture.

Next, you will realize that all the assets are under your control including the Sims who are already in the new household. Also you can check each and everyone of their careers too. If their career level is more than 7, even if you kick out they can build up a rich house in the city. Therefore click on the phone icon on your Sim panel and click move

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