Saturday, March 27, 2010

BE who you are... (the hardest thing in our lives)

A week person can be easily vanished by the influence of the society. Especially people from an ordinary background who wants to achieve the goals of their lives. Obviously they have an external locus of control which is in simple English called as easily influenced by the outside world and being and living according to them. Is this a fault of the person or the society? The question begins.
Yes! The first answer comes to your mind is the individuals must know to be in the society and should obtain the correct signals to achieve the ultimate goals of the life. Almost 95% people might say this answer and it’s a technical rule of thumb. No one really does not know what is the present life of a human looks like. Especially an ordinary person who is been mentioned above.
For our convenience let’s divide the society into main three criteria.
1.       Kids (including scholars)
2.       Working class individuals
3.       Elders (65+)
Dream creation, motivation, encouragement, goals, education, sports and real friends comes to our lives when we go to school. This is the most enjoyable years of our lives and schooling is almost a team work which successfully ends with happiness. Just like a fairy tale and we leave happily ever after. And then the school gives the birth to another tiny kid to the society. This tiny kid has to face to a huge tsunami straight away right after the school. The kid thinks when he sees the tsunami it’s just a flow of water which will flow nicely across him because the school has been programmed the child only to obtain positive results out of everything. This programming language is good but the long run outcomes are horrific. For an example only at the annual sports meet everyone says win or lose we play the game and we accept whatever the result but in all other moments at school everyone says only to win and failures never accepted and some people might say this is the nature of the world. A failure cannot do anything but great people have said failure is the way of success but is it in reality? Do people accept it?
The fresher thinks I have few more steps to move up and achieve the life time dreams and I know it’s easy because my Alma mater has taught me everything. Obviously this thought is true and pure and the Alma mater has done a great job to make the child’s mind positive. Obviously this is the sincerity of a school. Finally the school proudly sends the loving child to the society.
And then comes the tsunami hit the person and placing a nice scar in the middle of the heart. Now the kid starts to think what has happened. Then he use the word “IF” to start anything since the programming language has been corrupted and the total system got a virus in it because of the great hit which came from the society. This virus attack includes many things but can call simply from a one simple word “PEOPLE” the dangerous word in the world.
A person who does not know English much might think this is a singular noun and also now you might feel it. But actually this is a huge army, a plural word most of the time which kills the spirit of a person. This army has all the weapons to attack a new comer. Basically words, money, languages, social classes, education, life styles, gender, etc. in such a situation the kid does not be scared to any of this at the very beginning because he is fresh and trust each and everyone. The new comer does everything as he wish and the people starts to comment on it. This army compares this tiny kid with their expectations.
Some might think now each individual of the society has to face this situation. Yes obviously each and everyone who is a new comer has to face it but with the maturity everyone learns to set up a set of rules to live in the society. Basically you can test this out from a simple question. Just ask anyone “what do you think about the society?” most of the time the core outcome of the answer is the society is complicated and we should know how to live in it. This common answer indicates everyone has a set of rules in living in the society.
How an individual set their own rules to live in the society? It comes from the experiences of a person basically both good and bad. But currently the society is ruining the ordinary set of rules and directing the new comers to have abnormal rules of living. For an example in good old days when someone meets a new friend says hello and being pleasant to them. But nowadays the first question is “are you on Facebook?” is it obvious to have a Facebook account to maintain friendship. Nowadays no one wants to meet their friends and have a cup of coffee all they do is living in a virtual world and commenting each other. Is this the real life? Many people have language issues and also lack of understanding therefore many Sri Lankans could not communicate properly and express their feelings. Basically the best language is to express feelings is the mother tongue because the language is in the blood of the person and this is natural. So why are we doing thing which do not suit us?
We have heard that no one use the total power of the brain and the mind. This statement is very true since everyone falls down when someone says you something or bothering about it very much. Why are we doing this continuously and why people treat others abnormally?
Many people worries about the basic needs of the life but if behaviors of the present human changed obviously the world will be a better place to live. Can we figure out at which point everything changed? Or should us leave everything behind and face the life?
But then what will happen to the final stage of the life? Will have a proper family or just a virtual world with abnormal living rules?
Actually we cannot conclude the article since it ends with questions because no one really tends to go for a change with a smile on their faces.
Even I don’t feel to change since if I be normal everyone might think I’m abnormal.

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