Thursday, March 11, 2010


Dear MOM, 

I can ryhme about many things, but when it comes to you,
All my words disappear, even though i have lots of feelings to express,
Its not only your day you came to earth, it is the start of my soul and my life,
you made many difference, miracles in my life, and i learned many things from you,
my teacher, my guardian and my dear everything
still i don't know what to write because you mean alot in my life,
You are my strength and I'm who i am is because of you my dear mom,
you have many dreams about me,
and i promise you on this lovely day
all your dreams will come true,
and I'm with you to make you happy always and forever,
I achieved many things all because of your guidance and i know for sure you will do it forever,
i know this words not enough to greet you but my mom my loving warm wishes to you on this 
lovely gentle day..


with love 

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