Sunday, March 28, 2010

The world I want!

Day by day we are getting older it is an obvious universal truth in anyones' life. This life brings you happy moments sad moments as well as so many unforgetable and also anyone has almost forgot incidents in their lives. I too had and have many many moments in my life and I will be having more in the future as well. Early morning my mother used to listen to the radio and I heared one person says a spiritual saying. He was talking about the life after the death and how we can go to the heaven. As a person who deeply believe in almighty god, I really felt if this is just a short term journey we should get ready for the eternal life in the paradise. This thought cam in to my mind when I was ironing my clothes to go for the lectures. I was wondering why should I learn then and why should I keep more hopes on this life. Then again my mind says "No you should go as according to all of your dreams" then I my self accepted it and came out of the spiritual thought which led me not to do anything but to be a perfect follower of god. I do follow and I have a deep trust but I do not go in to the deep ends of the religion to find the eternal life.

Then the second question came into my mind. However I have to spend a life on earth maximum 60 or may be 70 according to Sri Lankan ordinary life span. It is up to god may be I might die tomorrow. But if with the mercy of god I live around 70 years I got another 50 years to live on this earth. Then what I have to do in this very long 50 years. Normally when I am at home I actually could not be ideal. I continually work on something, even sometimes on most stupid thing. When I do not have work to do, I point the finger to my self and say you are such a jobless person, see others got work and you do not have anything and also I feel I am such a person who is running behind others.

So I really asked this question from my self what I want in my life. well, I did certain things, and I do certain things always to make others happy, and I can be proud because I make others happy. Actually I am not a saint but I am something special and I feel it. I want to study and achieve certain things in my life and I know that day is not that far with the grace of almighty god. Being the best and getting the best is a hard theory but I really do it to my best. I want to earn money and that is not because of I am greedy but to give my parents and family the things that they have never experienced. I have already met my life partner and he is perfect to do all I wish and his continuous guidance will be there with me. I never ever want to see him down and worrying about something and I can not bare it. I always want him to be at the top and achieve more and more. I want his love always endlessly and I am strong when I think that he is there for me always. He is such a great man. I want a lovely home to live with my lovely people and the LAND CRUISER is the dream of my life. Increasing wants will never end of a normal human, obviously the wants are different as with the time goes. for now I need that is all, but who knows what will I want in the future

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