Sunday, May 9, 2010

My dear... i appriciate your prayer..

One man showed me the path,
I came here to take part,
But i don't know the duration of the sail
Coz everything is up to god.
I'v heard that the maximum is 100 or more,
But it might be end at 50,
Sometimes it'll be 25, 
Or vanishes just 1 second of time

I met one person who cares me, loves me
I think god has sent him to me
as a gardian angel
to care me during this interesting sail without 
Any fail..

With the mercey of god,
Good friends, good relatives and all,
Hope i will finish ma ride with success.
Coz i know he'll be with me every moment.
I pray to end my sail before him,
Coz i can't be a moment without him..

End of the sail, we have to return,
Because this is not the real pattern.
One man is waitting for our return.
That's why we must make it better.

I don't know when is my final,
I only know he prays for me every second.
His only wish for me to get the highest medal.
That is to send me to the HEAVEN.

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