Tuesday, September 15, 2015

May be a life changing point..

Well, I consider this as a new chapter of my life. So far I have taken enough crap and processed them, suffered, cried and wasted my valuable time significantly. I wanted to get rid of this and invest my emotions, capacity and my existing knowledge in something useful to keep my self occupied, and especially get rid of all the stupid and useless things I have been doing.

So I was actively looking for a new hobby to keep my self occupied. As I enjoy doing many things, I tried so many options, photography, music, writing, traveling, movies, video editing, gaming you name it. Nothing helped me to feel the ultimate satisfaction and specially to keep my mind happy. I don't know the approach I am taking to get rid of something is right, but I believe what I have figured would do some good as it is something useful.

So my inner voice told me to learn something new everyday, so you will not get bored by repeating the same thing, same hobby over and over again.

I believe my new hobby "learning at least one new thing a day" would help me to be a complete human being. Also I see that it gives me the opportunity to explore new subjects, read things on many things, try new experiences and also have my own opinion on various topics.  This helps me to hack my brain, heart and soul. I believe that one day or may be day to day I can teach the things I learn to anybody who is willing to learn.

So far my interest area is psychology and how brain works. Today I learnt how to memorise things and how to get rid of anxiety. Pretty interesting and defiantly I can summarise it for you very soon. :)

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  1. Try to understand the purpose of Life and you will find peace in-sha-Allah!


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