Monday, October 19, 2015


Alex was going through a set of old letters, exchanged long ago.. teardrops were sliding from the eyes, rolling down the cheeks.. Those conversations were warm, loving and close to heart, Alex was touched by these inspiring words and deeds. But suddenly everything has changed. Alex couldn't figure out what really went wrong..

Alex feared change and now Alex has to face it again. Alex feared that it would cause to fall off the saddle again. This vulnerability made Alex the perfect victim to suffer and feel lonely.

With trembling fingers, Alex opened one of the torn envelopes..

"I didn't see the fun crazy person.. All I saw was one lonely soul seeking attention and crying to be understood"... Alex kept on reading.. it went on and on.. It was true, only one person was able to say it right on to the face, see through and understand.

The only soul who understood Alex is not around anymore. Does't talk, write or care the way it used to be. Alex wiped off the tears. Alex picked another envelop..

.."You have a mind block, you must get rid of have a fear of getting hurt and hurting others......but by not being open, you end up hurting anyway"..

Alex took a deep breath, "I should face it, I'm getting rid of the fear of getting hurt, I'm going to accept things as it is, and only option is to let it go. May be one day my honesty and good intentions will be understood and the sunshine will return home..

When the priorities change, people change and every good thing has to come to an end. It was just another chapter.. A life changing chapter may be.. but even that has come to an END..


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

May be a life changing point..

Well, I consider this as a new chapter of my life. So far I have taken enough crap and processed them, suffered, cried and wasted my valuable time significantly. I wanted to get rid of this and invest my emotions, capacity and my existing knowledge in something useful to keep my self occupied, and especially get rid of all the stupid and useless things I have been doing.

So I was actively looking for a new hobby to keep my self occupied. As I enjoy doing many things, I tried so many options, photography, music, writing, traveling, movies, video editing, gaming you name it. Nothing helped me to feel the ultimate satisfaction and specially to keep my mind happy. I don't know the approach I am taking to get rid of something is right, but I believe what I have figured would do some good as it is something useful.

So my inner voice told me to learn something new everyday, so you will not get bored by repeating the same thing, same hobby over and over again.

I believe my new hobby "learning at least one new thing a day" would help me to be a complete human being. Also I see that it gives me the opportunity to explore new subjects, read things on many things, try new experiences and also have my own opinion on various topics.  This helps me to hack my brain, heart and soul. I believe that one day or may be day to day I can teach the things I learn to anybody who is willing to learn.

So far my interest area is psychology and how brain works. Today I learnt how to memorise things and how to get rid of anxiety. Pretty interesting and defiantly I can summarise it for you very soon. :)

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Food for thought

With thousands and thousands of books, articles and assignments we push children to study, study and study. Face the exams, get the highest marks, beat your friend and then you will be able to get your dream job which will help you to live a luxurious life. This is very common in Sri Lanka. Everyday tuition classes, piles and piles of paper work, everyday exams and assignments, heavy competition and we all run to achieve. As a student, I have done this and my parents used to push me for it.

When I sit back and think, how I saw education 10 years ago and how I see it now is completely different. 10 years ago, its all about exams and certificates, but now, it has changed. It is a continuous process and we learn things until we die. Many agrees on this, but it happens after 10 years post school education. My question is, why we cannot change this 10 years ago and think that what you learn is not for the exam but for the rest of your life. Simple answer anyone can give is, we cannot change the system. What I think is, this is not about the system. Its about individual thinking and if you can bring up your child in a way where the excitement for knowledge is, I think this system can be broken. Simple example comes to my mind is, when your best friend says, "hey you know something?", the excitement you get should be the thirst for knowledge. So how we can make a child to get there.
Kids are very enthusiastic when they are younger, eventually this excitement fades away. This is mainly due to pushing them to face exams and they start to think education is a game. When anyone think of a game, they get the fear of losing. Even among adults, this is very common, if someone asks a person to set up a business, the first thing comes to their mind is, will I success. What I believe is, when we look at something as a game with fear of losing, psychologically we fail at the very beginning. So the first initiation is to get rid of this initial barrier "Fear of Losing". Attitude should be, rank number 100 is also better than waiting without doing anything. This will open up many ways to explore and experience. Your thirst for knowledge is to get to know things, connect things, analyse things and come up with your own conclusion. Your ideas and opinions might not be right, but having your own view on something is different than following someone else. To have an own opinion on something takes time, you cannot develop it overnight. You need to read, gather knowledge and then you get the ability to stand up for it. To get there, again you have to get rid of "Fear of Losing / Rejection". So I believe, this mantra is the little secret of success. It might not work for some people, but this is how I see it. 

Saturday, August 15, 2015


As the life moves on, 
we don't get that friend who holds our hand 
and runs for ice cream on the streets anymore, 
we cannot trust anyone 
as most of them don't wish us happiness 
and bless us with all their heart.. 
we really can't whisper our pain to anyone 
as it will not matter to them 
and some will make it a point to hurt us back. 
there will be a point that 
our good intentions will be misinterpreted and backfired. 
we are often let down by the most trusted people 
and loved by the most unexpected one..
I have learnt that life is a long journey 
and sometimes we have to go through thunderstorms.
but after every thunderstorm, 
the sun will definitely shine

Everyone has their own fairy-tale

Everyone in this world is waiting until a miracle happens, for some it happens, but for some it never happens. Many falls into the second category, which means the miracle has not happened yet. When we think why it has not happened, we can come up with so many reasons. The very first reason I can think of is, miracles don't exist. It is all how we make things to happen. So is it true? 

Thursday, August 13, 2015


ආදරයෙන් මන්මත් වූ සිතකට,
කවි සිතිවිලි පහල වීම පුදුමයක්ද?
සෙනෙහෙ පසු පස යන්නට
අමතක වුනා එක් දිනෙක මට..
නැවත ආදරය කරන්නට සිතෙන්නේ
මල ගිය සිතිවිලි වලට පන දෙන්නටදෝ
මිරිඟුවක්  පසු පස ගිය
විඩාපත් මගේ සිත සනසවන්නටදෝ..

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Okay fine, let me write

You were special, close to my heart,
You said the other day no fun apart.
A part of me becomes part of you,
True friendship I've found in you.

You made me to believe, best friends exist
When I wasn't around you said that you miss
What happened to us oh what happened
Am I that stupid to understand?

I think we are going through some cloudy days,
But you've been my sunshine in so many ways
Though trials and tests, right by me you stood,
and gave me your hand whenever you could.

I wish if I can put things back together
I wish the days to come back as they were
Then I'd start all over and choose a different route
To make you understand my feelings that want out.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


දිවි නසා ගෑනීමට හේතුව
දහසක් සිතිවිලි අතර තනිවී සිටින 
මා ගෑන නුඹ නොදන්නා තතු බොහෝමෑයි..
ආදරයේ ගෑඹුර නොදෑන එහි පියමන් තෑබුවේ 
මෙලෙස ගිලී මියෑදෙන බව නොදෑනයි..
මා කල පවක්ද? 
නෑති නම් සාපයක්ද? 
මගේ සිත තලා පෙලා කුඩු කර දමන්නට, 

නුඹට හෑකිමුත් එය තවත් දෑරීමට මට වාරු නෑත.
මෙය මගේ ඉරණමයි..
නුඹට නොවෑටහෙන ආදරයක් තව මොටද?
මා නෑති තෑන ලතෑ නොවනු..
මෙය මගේ අවසන් සටහනයි.

Monday, February 2, 2015

අකීකරු සිත මගේ..

නු වෘත්තාන්තයක් දෛවයේ තවත්
සිතෙයි එක් විටෙක නිම් නැති කතාවක් දැයි
පුන පුනා මට කියන්නට යන
මිහිරි වූ ඒ විරහව
තවත් ඉවසන්නට බැරි වග
දැන දැන..
මම තවමත් නුඹට පෙම් කරන්නේ
කිමදැයි මම නොදනිමි..
අහෝ.. මෙය සරදමක්ද..
නැතිනම් දඩුවමක්ද..
කියන්නට ඇති දෑ බොහෝමැයි..
එනමුත් මසිත නුඹට නොඇසෙයි..
ලංවන්නද නැතිනම් සමුගන්නද?
මේ කුමක් වුවත් ඉරණම අනන්‍යයි..
සිහින මාලිගා තනන්නට අවසර නැතිමුත්..
නුඹ සමඟ යන්නෙමි මෙලෙස සංසාර ගමන..

Monday, January 26, 2015

ආවඩා සඳ..

සබඳ, නුඹ නොදන්නා තතු කරළියට ගෙන එන්ට
අවසරයි මට අද සිට..
නිම් නෑති සිහිනයක් දකින අහංකාර සන්තාප්යට,
දඬුවම් කරන්ට වාරු නෑ මට..
කවුද නුඹ.. ආවඩා සඳ මා එක්ක සල්ලාපයට..
දඟකාර සිතිවිලි සායම් කර යසට,
ස්වප්න විමානයක ඉපිලෙන සකි නුඹ,
ලෑගුම් ගනු මේ තෑන මා සමඟ..
නුඹගේ ඔය මාංසල අරටුව,
විවර කරනු මෑන,
බලනු මාගේ දෑස දෙස..
කියනු කුමටද මේ ලාස්‍යය.
දිගන්තය නුඹට තියා මටද හිමි නෑති වග
දෑන දෑන භක්තිය ලියලවා,
විසල් ගගන පීරා විපරම් කරන්නේ කුමක්ද?
නිදෑල්ලේ සෑරිසරන කල්පනා නුඹට
සඟවන්නට ඈත්තේ තව කුමක්ද?

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My dear..

When I don't see that
Beautiful smile on your face
Teardrops roll down my face
Pulling my hair
And running here and there
Thinking how to carve that beauty
Back on your face...

You can call me crazy, nut or a pain
I don't care and don't know how to explain
But one thing I know it for sure
Almighty wants me to love you more my dear...

I know I'm from nowhere
But you taught me that
Is not only by blood that family is made
So I will stand by your side
Now and forever until the day I die...

You never speak about your misery
But I feel your sorrow and your pain
It hurts to see you hurt,
And it hurts to know there is nothing I can change...

I pray that happiness be at your door
May god accept all your prayers
May all your worries go away
And the sun shine brighter and brighter everyday...

I want you to know that I love you
And I want you to know how special you are
The day you see yourself through our eyes
you will realize what I really mean...

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